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Tips for touring the Atlas Mountains Morocco

The Atlas Mountains contains some of the most beautiful and intriguing regions in Morocco. It is physical and historical landmark between the Pre Sahara and Northern plains. Its Berber populated valleys feel very remote from the country’s urban life.

The region is the premier trekking destination in North Africa. Guided treks that are tailored to meet individual requirements are available. Whatever your goals are, here are essential tips to help you get over the peaks and troughs of touring the Atlas Mountains Morocco

  • Pre book your guide

Usually, the Muleteer travels ahead preparing your trail and lunch. Also, in the mountain camp, it is the muleteer or tour guide who will cook dinner. Pre booking your tour allows the muleteer to stock all the essential ingredients, hire additional help if needed and be ready to hit the mountains immediately after your arrival.

  • Double up

Although your bulk supplies will be carried by mules, the muleteer often takes a different route or moves at a different pace. This means you will you will not be able to access your saddles or shades when you need to block the sun. It is best to pack your overnight requirements in one bag and keep the essentials in a lighter rucksack to carry with you.

  • Carry water

The dry atmosphere at the mountains will keep your throats dry. Since the mule maybe out of reach, it is essential to carry water bottle with you. There are fresh springs and streams to refill the bottles. You should never miss to refill and it may take a while before to reach another spring.