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If you are looking to travel and explore the world, you should consider going to Atlas Mountains morocco. The Atlas Mountains are one of the top tourist destinations, when planning a trip to Africa. Anyone who has been able to go for the Atlas Mountains trekking can tell you that it was an adventure of a lifetime. The beautiful scenery that is viewed on your way to the top is none like you have ever seen before. It will take your breath away and even if you get tired along the way, you will not give up because you will want to see what the top looks like. This already shows that the places you go through on your way up are spectacular.

Atlas Mountains morocco

Going for an atlas mountains day trip is one of the best decisions one can make, so if it not in your bucket list, consider adding it now. If you like the great outdoors, you will appreciate everything that the Atlas Mountains in Morocco have to offer. If you do not like the outdoors, going for an Atlas Mountains tour will change your mind.

Think of the city, the noises, the smells, so many people everywhere you go, loads of work all the time and tiny spaces to work in. Not to mention the stress and the feeling of being crammed. Then imagine being in a place without noise, and only beautiful nature songs. No need to hurry for anything or anyone. No smells or smoke or stress. And most importantly, the space is big enough for everyone. That is Atlas Mountains morocco for you.

Atlas Mountains Morocco is a mountain range in Maghreb in Africa. They spread over a massive amount of land that measure 2500km. This is so vast, that it is shared by three countries, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. It has a number of different peaks but the highest happens to be Jebel Toubkal. Its breathtaking views include mountain peaks that are snowcapped, which look amazing during sunrise and sunset. Another thing that makes an Atlas Mountain tour worth is its lush valleys. You would think that being near a desert would make it impossible to have valleys that have anything substantial. On the contrary however, these valleys will take your breath away because they almost look man made. They are locally referred to as Agdal, which is a term that means garden in Berber. Berber villages surround the mountains. Their simple way of life will intrigue you if not encourage you to feel blessed.

Atlas Mountains Marrakech

Before getting to the Atlas Mountains, you will need to go through Marrakech. Marrakech is the fourth biggest city in morocco, located in the north of the foothills of the mountains. It has a very deep culture and it has stuck to its roots. Going to Atlas Mountains through Marrakech will give you quite the experience. You will get to witness how the people of Marrakech lived in the olden days, their culture, how they built their structures and so on.

During the Atlas Mountains day trip, you will get to see so much. For example, a view of the atlas mountains from Marrakech and their beautiful snow peaks, the Kik plateau which looks extraordinary in that setting, the Takerkoust lake and water falls in the Ourika valley.

Most people think that being in a desert climate, morocco would not have lakes and waterfalls. This is why the Atlas Mountains day trip is so important. There is nothing better than seeing the unexpected, so trust me when I say, these water features will add on to making your trip a total success. This is because, it is not the same as seeing them in a place that has good climate for water sources and rain.

Atlas Mountains trekking

Apart from the trip from Marrakech to Atlas Mountains, you can go for Atlas Mountains trekking. This is actually really fun. Stop thinking about the walk and how tired you might end up, because if you do not like physical activities like walking for long distances, you are sorted. This is because there are different routes that the tour guides use, according to your preferences. These guides that will take you through Atlas Mountains trekking speak English and they have complete knowledge of the terrain, so you have nothing to worry about.

If you are a hiking person however, and you just cannot wait to go for the Atlas Mountains trekking, then you are in luck. You can choose from a wide variety of plans, from one day trekking, two days and even three days. However you like it, you can have it. What makes this so amazing is how you will do it. Nothing fancy, obviously, everything will be completely old fashioned, like the mules that will accompany you and the sleeping bags so that you can sleep under the stars, you even get a chef to accompany you and prepare your meals. This will be so refreshing from what you are so used to.

There are also many routes that you can use, for instance, you can decide to go to the Imlil trail, which is the easiest one, or go to the Ouirgane national park. These are the ones that will only need a day. If you decide to go for a couple of days worth of atlas mountains trekking, then you can go around the Toubkal circuit, and challenge yourself to go through the winter Toubkal, where there is snow everywhere as you reach the top of the Toubkal mountain. You can also just go through the valleys and villages, and experience the daily life of the Berber people first hand. You could even learn a thing or two from their culture. See how they dress, cook and interact. Another climb would be the Ouanakrim climb. This will provide a perfect way to challenge yourself and reap the fruits of your labor, once you see how truly extraordinary the scenery is. You wouldn’t want to miss.

So whether you are looking forward to the Atlas Mountains day trip, or the Atlas Mountains trekking, be sure it will be something worthwhile. Either way you get to go through Atlas Mountains Marrakech, which is a perfect way to set off the lifetime experience.