morocco travel advice

Morocco travel advice

Discover the Morocco travel advice for visiting Marrakech and its surroundings!

A list of Morocco travel advice to visit Marrakech and its surroundings. All you need to know to organize your stay.

I hope this article on advice for visiting Marrakech and its surroundings allows you to get a first idea of what you are doing.

1. How to get to Marrakech?

You want to go not too far and be out of town? Morocco is the ideal country to live a unique experience. The praises you can have about Arab cultures will disappear upon your arrival. You will be amazed by the different landscapes of Morocco and especially if you visit Marrakech, you are only 3 hours flight from Paris.

I do not advise you to cumulate VOL + HOTEL, simply because in Morocco you will find much cheaper accommodation according to your criteria.

Morocco travel advice

2. What you need to know and the advice for visiting Marrakech and its surroundings

           All the advice and good plans to prepare your future stay in Marrakech or Morocco without forgetting anything and have bad surprises.


Here is a table for you to see what is the best time to come to Marrakech. Attention in April / May / June, the sun beats a lot, get yourself a sunscreen, temperatures go up to 44 °, the sunburns in Morocco are very painful.

Morocco travel advice

Money exchange Euros Dirhams

The currency in Morocco is the dirham (MDA). To know that 1 € = 11 Dh.

I do not advise you to change at the airport, you will lose! On Marrakech, there is a place, which is the best in the city for the change of money and get the best rate, go to Chez Ali near Jemaa El Fna.

If you go to several, collect your money, the value increases and you will earn a few dirhams.

Jet lag

There is an hour difference with France and when it’s Ramadan, we go to two hours.


Mainly for women, avoid too plunging necklines, shorts too short during your stay in Marrakech. Do not forget that you are in a Muslim country and that women are covered from head to toe so do not get noticed with too provocative clothes.

Visa / Passport

For French, Belgian, Swiss and most European countries, you do not need a visa to go to Morocco.

By cons, it is mandatory to have a passport, the ID card does not work!

Once in Morocco, you can stay 3 months in the territory and if you want to stay longer, it will take steps to obtain a resident card.

Food in Morocco – Moroccan gastronomy

The Moroccan gastronomy is a real delight and I really recommend to all future travelers to let you try their dishes.

Two Moroccan specialties not to be missed: Tajine and Mint Tea

You will have several preparations, with chicken or beef and accompanied by different foods. I had the opportunity to taste different tajines: chicken tajine, beef tajine and tagine with lemon and olives.

In Marrakech, you will quickly realize that there are many small stands where they prepare tajines in the street. It will surprise you but it is surely the best tajines that you can taste. Avoid restaurants because in the street they are cooked over a wood fire and cooked by Berbers so real house tagines. You can enjoy it for only 15 dirham or about 1.5 €.

The cook will give you with your little tajine, the famous round loaf of Morocco. And depending on your accommodation, it will deliver all on a tray if you have the chance to have one in front.

The first thing we offer you, arrived at your riad, is a mint tea. Everything will always be served on a tray and a silver

teapot and two small transparent glasses. Typically Moroccan.

Depending on the host or restaurant, it is served more or less sweet. You have to know how to prepare it otherwise, it is bitter. It will be served every morning at breakfast.

Even when it is very hot, it is nice to drink it because the mint gives this side a little cool.

 3.How to reach the city center / medina of Marrakech from the airport?

From Marrakech Menara Airport, you are 15 / 20min from the medina. Several options are available to you to reach your accommodation in Marrakech.

The bus

You arrive in a totally unknown place and you do not know where to take the bus that leads you to your hostel or riad. In addition, after the station, it is a sacred mess to locate in the medina.

If you are an adventurer and you are not afraid of getting lost, go for it!

The taxi

The first thing to do before going up is to negotiate your price! If your accommodation is in Medina, it will cost you about 150 Dh. But be careful, depending on where your riad is, it will not necessarily put you in front because you do not circulate everywhere in the medina. The taxi will call on carriers who will take care of your luggage and will drop you at your riad, it is at your expense of course in addition to the taxi.

If your hotel is in the palm grove of Marrakech, count about 200 Dh.

Transfer by your hotel

Depending on where you stay, you have the airport transfer service / hotel fee! Use it for your arrival, you will be quieter especially if it’s the first time!

Private transfer service

It is the same as the transfer by your hotel except that it is an independent company. It is possible that your accommodation does not make transfers so you can use private transfer services.

4. Public transport in Marrakech

The most common means of transport in Marrakech, remains the taxi! Always negotiate the price before going up!

You should know that there are 3 types of taxi:

Green taxis, if you are tired of negotiating, call a green taxi, they put the meter obligatorily, if it does not, ask for it! In general, they are honest and do not leave you exorbitant prices !!

Rates are glued on the windshield, from the palm grove to the medina (and vice versa), it’s 100 Dh.

Here is the number of green taxis: 05 24 40 94 94

The small taxis will allow you to move in the city, know that they have no right to travel outside Marrakech!

The big taxis, in general they are old mercedes, are more expensive and they are allowed to go out of Marrakech!

Of course, you can use a transfer company but it will cost you more. On the Jemaa El Fna square and around the must-see places, you will also find horse-drawn carriages to make you visit the city!

And the famous bus found in all cities, the Marrakech tourist bus that allows you to visit the city and the palm grove of Marrakech.
Morocco travel advice

5. The different districts of Marrakech

There are several districts in Marrakech: the medina where the old city, the district of Guéliz and the district of Hivernage where the new city and the palm grove outside the city.

 Old medina

The oldest district of Marrakech, the medina is surrounded by 18km of ramparts and 19 doors to access the interior. You will find in the heart, the famous place Jemaa El Fna and its snake charmers that attract most tourists as well as the Saadian tombs, the Koutoubia mosque, the Bahia palace, the museum of photography, the Baldi palace and without forgetting the souks where many craftsmen sell souvenirs.

Gueliz district

This district is in perpetual evolution, you will find modern stores as well as big retailers. If you want to stay in a Western atmosphere, this is the area to go to, restaurants, bars, nightclubs … ideal to party!

You can also discover the magnificent Central Station, the Congress Palace and the Royal Theater.

Hivernage district

This district, very chic and wealthy, has the most luxurious hotels of the city including the famous Palace of Mamounia. You will also find two large casinos in Marrakech, one near the Mamounia Palace and the second near the Sofitel hotel.

6.Visit Marrakech Medina 

To be continued