One of the best Morocco excursions

Morocco is becoming more and more known around the world as the perfect tourist destination for a holiday of dreams. With all these breathtaking natural landscapes that it is full of, it’s just impossible not to fall under its spell.
But if you are one of the people who prefer the atmosphere of the city, human contact and cultural exchange, you will not be disappointed either. The cities of Morocco are a treasure to discover. And they are all different from each other. Each has its own charm. That’s why our travel agency Morocco desert tours organizes for you several Morocco excursions to make you discover the main cities of this country and make you dive into this purely Moroccan adventure. But if there is a visit not to be missed, it’s the visit of the imperial cities of Morocco.

A real time travel journey:

When we talk about imperial cities of Morocco, there are four cities that jump quickly to our mind: Rabat, Marrakech, Fez and Meknes. Rabat, the city known for its greenery and beautiful gardens. Marrakech, the red city with many faces. Fez, the scientific and spiritual capital.

And Meknes, the famous Ismaili capital. These four cities are part of the history of Morocco, have gone through several eras and talk about what they have lived through time. Just walk in the alleys of each of these cities to have an impression of traveling back in time. That is the opportunity Morocco excursions will give you.

You will contemplate historical monuments that will leave you dazzled by the beauty and fineness of their architecture. You will cross the souks of these imperial cities of Morocco and you will discover the secrets of handmade craftsmanship with a meticulous care. And above all, you will discover a hidden, intimate Morocco that only speaks to pure spirits.

A unique adventure, unforgettable and to live at least one time in life:

And because Morocco desert tours is the travel agency for whom every trip is an adventure. And since every adventure is unique, we always try to make your trips unforgettable. The Morocco excursions that we propose are a chance to discover a new country and open up on a new exotic culture. And so that your trip passes in the best conditions our entire team is at your disposal. Our qualified guides will accompany you everywhere, thus ensuring your safety. And our drivers will be available to take you wherever you want. Our entire team is multilingual. The language will no longer be a barrier. And most importantly, your comfort is paramount. In these excursions of Morocco, our travel agency also gives you the opportunity to adapt the tour to your desires. You can even create a tailored tour to discover these imperial cities of Morocco.

And have a departure from Marrakech or Casablanca. All you need to do is choose what suits you best. We are at your disposal to fulfill all your wishes.