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Excursions In Marrakech

Excursions in Marrakech desert need to be on the bucket list of every discerning traveler. The vast expanse of rolling sand dunes, the play of light amidst the brown desert landscape, and the infinite stillness in the air lends an aura of mystery and beauty to the desert tours.
Here are five tips for travelers who want to go for stunning Marrakech excursions while they are in Morocco.

Take a camel ride: Taking a camel ride is a must for any tourist who wants to enjoy the best the desert has to offer. There is nothing as interesting or entertaining as a ride on top of a camel just as the Berbers have done for centuries past. Experience the ship of the desert as you watch the landscape gently roll by you. Everything looks different from the top of a camel. The tour guides will not only teach you to mount or dismount from one but also control its movement like getting up or sitting down. You will also learn to tell the camel to start walking or stopping.

Balloon ride for the glorious views: Opting for a balloon ride is again a great way to explore the beauty of the desert. Everything looks different from a few hundred feet up in the air. The mesmerizing cityscape of Marrakech looks beautiful, and the undulating desert landscape will take your breath away. See how the distant sand dunes suddenly look so tall from up close when on a Marrakech day excursion. Gasp at the sudden fall of the ground after the balloon crosses the ridge of a sand dune. You will be simply amazed as the balloon takes you in front of the Atlas mountains. Watch ancient ruins, desert oases, and Berber settlements – all interspersed amidst the rich desert landscape rolling away below you.

Enjoy the desert landscape: Ensure you spend some time in the desert in these Marrakech excursions. The sandy soil, mixed with the stones of the Atlas mountain ridges and the desert oases will give you a feeling of being on a different planet. Go among the sand dunes and admire the vivid play of colors in the sand. Climb the sand dunes and the Atlas mountains to be at one with yourself and the surroundings. And while you are at it, enjoy the beauty of silence.

Go in the morning and evening: The cooler mornings and evenings are a great time to explore the desert. A lot of tour companies offer excursions in the mornings and evenings so you can watch the colors come alive in the fresh or last rays of sunlight. Though most people are unaware, the desert contains some of the most diverse flora and fauna imaginable. The morning and the evening are a great time to view them.

Stay for the night: The night sky above the desert will take you to a completely new level of experience. Watch the stars come alive at night as you star gaze and understand the different stars and galaxies that guided ancient man on his long journeys.