The rugged region of the Atlas Mountains Marrakech that lies in Morocco is known as the ‘High Atlas’. The mountain range divides the country between Taza and Taroudant and it extends upto the Atlantic Ocean in the west. This region along with the desert that lies to it’s east is home to beautiful sights ranging from snow capped mountains to lush green fields. The Atlas Mountains Marrakech tour is a hidden gem for travel enthusiast looking for toubkal trekking adventures or to explore cultures as the region is inhabited by people of the Berber tribe who are known for their unique history and generosity. The region attracts a lot of trekkers and hikers from around the world. The Toubkal National Park is very popular among trekkers and hikers, it’s the highest peak in North Africa. Besides trekking in Atlas Mountains Marrakech through snow clapped ranges one can enjoy diverse landscapes during the mount toubkal trek. The region is home to a lot of isolated places where one can easily avoid the daily rush of city life and enjoy the beautiful side of nature. Let us look at a few things that one cannot afford to miss out on their Atlas mountains Marrakech.


Toubkal trek 3 days From Marrakech To Toubkal



Mount Toubkal Trek

It is two day trek to the top of the highest peak in the North Africa and though the hike is challenging it is completely worth it. The Mount Toubkal Trek starts and ends at the city of Marrakech and while transport is available to Imlil, one must be prepared for a challenging trek. The first day of the trek begins with a drive over the Oued Rhir Haia valley to the village of Imlil. The car route ends at Imlil and the trek route that runs through the Mizane valley and Armend village begins. While passing through these lands the trekkers are greeted by pleasant Berber villagers and beautiful sights of plateaus, waterfalls. After walking through the plains for about five hours comes the Toubkal Refuge point which is situated at an altitude of three thousand and two hundred meters. One on the second day of the trek the trail gets much tougher as one has to walk through scree fields and boulders. The sights are wonderful and they make the whole journey worthwhile. From the mountain top one can get unrestrained views in every direction from the Sahara in the south to High Atlas ranges in the north. Standing at this point one realises the significance of the old adage ‘Beauty is truth, truth is beauty’. The return trip is much easier than the ascent and it takes about six hours to get back to the city of Marrakech including the drive from lmlil.

Atlas mountains Marrakech day trip

Though there is no doubt about the fact that Marrakech is a beautiful city to visit in itself but travellers who prefer to avoid the rush of the city can explore different places around the city. The Atlas Mountains Marrakech trekking are nearby and so is the desert which is about five hours from the city. The day trips from Marrakech to atlas mountains are diverse and we have listed some of the most popular ones that one can enjoy his visit to Morocco atlas mountains.

Marrakech to imlil day trip

lmil is locate in atlas mountains Marrakech and it falls on the way to Mount Toubkal. The village is a beautiful place inhabited by Berber people who run their lives by either growing corn out of those hard or by running roadside cafes that crowd the place. The village is the starting point for the Mount Toubkal Trek and is surrounded by multiple plateaus and snowcapped mountains. The village is ideal for people travelling with their families and tourists looking for an isolated place to rest.